Lucky? Or Unlucky? Andrew Luck is coming.

With the first pick in the 1983 draft, the Baltimore Colts select John Elway out of Stanford. Once the pick had been announced by Pete Rozelle, you could hear the chatter pick up in the draft room. Later that day John Elway would declare that he would play Major League Baseball instead, that announcement had come from the first overall pick, the guy who had the hype and holding all of the cards to the deck. Lucky enough for the younger generation, we live in a day in age of a little something called youtube, where history is at our fingertips. What is apparent to anyone who takes a look at this clip would be the similarities to that of Andrew Luck. We’ve heard the terms ” the next Peyton Manning” “The greatest QB prospect since John Elway” Sure, both QB’s played for Stanford, even more similar is the pre-draft hype. Andrew Luck will be entering the NFL with what a lot of people have agreed is unfair expectations. This is clear with the silly “Suck For Luck” campaign going on by NFL fans and rumored NFL team ownership. To think that any NFL team would ever engage in such silly activity would really be quite absurd. We have lived through the Ryan Leaf era, we remember Joey Harrington, Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, David Klingler, Tim Couch,David Carr, care for me to continue? Sure it’s unfair to suggest that Andrew Luck could be a David Klingler or David Carr, though I’d argue that the assessment of being ” the greatest prospect since John Elway” is just as silly. We all agree that the NFL and college are just two different entities. The NFL has a Ray Lewis, Ndamukong Suh, Brian Urlacher, grown men who get paid to rip the QB’s head off. The speed of the NFL game is fast and takes time to adjust. When an NFL franchise invests a first round pick in a QB or any position for that matter, those on the personnel side, GM, Owner and Coach do not anticipate the pick being a bust, quite the opposite.I’ll agree that Andrew Luck could turn out to be Peyton Manning if you agree that he could turn out to be his NFL counterpart that year in Ryan Leaf. Nobody knows until the guy takes a snap, even then QB adjustment to the NFL takes time. Fair or Unfair, the hype will continue


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